Learn practical Hypnosis skills with one on one training.

Are you interested in learning hypnosis? Have you done your training in Hypnotherapy but still feel like you aren’t fully prepared for real clients? Have you started working as a hypnotist but aren’t getting the results you would like? Are you interested in learning how to use hypnosis to get┬áincredible┬áresults? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our mentor-ship program may be just what you need.

Many therapists often find that even after they have completed their training that they still aren’t prepared to hypnotise clients with confidence. It can seem as though what they learned in the classroom just doesn’t work in the real world.

In this program you will be taught, from start to finish what you need to hypnotise with confidence every client that comes to you.

This is practical ongoing training in hypnosis the way it is meant to be taught, from someone who has learned how to use hypnosis effectively.

This mentor-ship is for people who want to learn how to achieve very deep levels of hypnosis with their clients and achieve rapid results!

You will be taught everything from business, how to do rapid inductions and achieve hypnotic phenomena that work on first time clients. How to achieve the deeper levels of hypnosis needed to make rapid and permanent change (with virtually every client, despite what you may have been taught). You will be taught therapeutic interventions that get you success, referrals and a reputation as an excellent hypnotist, even if your clients have been to other hypnotists before.

This affordable, pay as you go, one-to-one training is highly advanced and can take you from whatever level of training you have at the moment, to a much higher level.

Previous to now, this training was only available to people who had previous training in hypnosis, however we have now expanded this program so that you can learn from whatever skill level you are at, (be that some training or none at all) to the level of a master hypnotist. It includes training in techniques that you will not find anywhere else.

Please note: there is no qualification at present with this course, it is practical knowledge for those that want to learn how to be a world class hypnotist.

For more information contact us on: 01 2542642 or 086 3776034