Should couples stop smoking together?

Should couples stop smoking together?

A brief note about couples stopping smoking. The main asset that anyone has when creating a big change in their lifestyle, will be the decision to change. It is never more true, than when properly giving up smoking. Seeking to quit smoking for the incorrect reason, is practically always doomed to be unsuccessful. Among the incorrect reasons could be convenience. What I’m saying by this, is the fact that, if you are trying to quit smoking, but it is not because you are actually ready, or dedicated to stopping. It’s just that a convenient circumstance has become available for you. Allow me to clarify…

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Lets imagine that a buddy or partner you have, who’s a smoker, reckons that it is a great idea to quit together. On the face of it this appears to be a good idea, since you can help one another in staying stopped. Also there’s a nice sense of doing it together, camaraderie, or, team spirit you could possibly think of it as. Sadly, in fact, even though both individuals know they should give up smoking at some stage in time, at this juncture it usually means that one individual is actually all set to stop. However the other goes along with it since it is convenient, or they have been caught up in this being a wise decision, without passing it a lot of thought. Following a small amount of time, the one who has not made up their mind to quit, might try to influence or encourage the other, into only having that one cigarette. If they succeed in coercing the other to have one, they’ll both equally be unsuccessful. It’s a sort of collusion to smoke. Equally as people colluded to smoke a cigarette initially when they were younger. Actually we tried it since our peers did it, so we wished to be one of the crowd. This is an illustration of exactly the same influences taking place, all over again. For this reason, it is essential to quit smoking for your own personel reasons rather than to do it out of convenience. The convenience factor will sometimes, (not often), enter into the formula, when an individual chooses to quit smoking with the aid of a hypnotherapist. Let’s imagine that a married woman has now decided she wants to stop smoking. However the married woman, though enthusiastic to quit smoking, has not had hypnosis before, and has a bit of nervousness about it. A method of alleviating that anxiousness could be to inspire her partner to give up using hypnotherapy as well. Once again, one individual is convincing another to stop, and with a selected approach, at a time when they have not truly arrived at their time and choice to stop. It is best to make sure that equally wife and husband really wish to stop, and have absolutely made-up their minds they wish to do it right this moment. If this is the case, however, then working collectively could be a real advantage, because the feeling of doing it with other people can enhance their resolve to stick to their decision. I definitely highlight for those who wish to use hypnosis together to stop smoking, whether friends, wife and husband, or spouses, that they must be there for each other, to hold with their choice to give up smoking once and for all.

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