Stop Smoking Hypnosis.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis


*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary. 


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This approach to hypnotherapy has helped many people in Ireland to successfully quit smoking. Furthermore they often quit without getting stressed or gaining weight. All that is needed is an openness to engage in the session and genuine desire to quit. We guide you through the process with our years of experience, so you can just relax in safe hands, while you enjoy your hypnosis treatment. 


Medical professionals recognise the effectiveness of what we do. Consequently, an increasing number of doctors are advising their patients to use our hypnotherapy service to help them quit smoking. 


Some of the areas covered in the stop smoking treatment:


* Habitual smoking – First cigarette in the morning, after meals, when driving, on the phone, waiting (for a bus/plane/train/taxi), drinking alcohol/tea/coffee, or when your friends are having a cigarette.

* Break-time cigarettes -If smoking gives you those few minutes away from work or home.

* Stress smoking – If you have used cigarettes to cope with stress or any other emotion.

* Reward – Using cigarettes as a reward.

* Weight Gain – How to stop smoking without gaining weight.


Video by Nigel Brennan introducing the hypnosis stop smoking program from the Dublin Hypnosis Center office.


*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary. 


 Adriana Client Testimonial: Hi Nigel, I just want to say a Big Thank you. I feel amazing after yesterday session. No cravings, no event thoughts about smoking. I am feeling so relaxed and happy.You and your professional approach have inspired me to start training in Hypnotherapy and to help other people as you helped me.Thank you, Adriana Bormenizova 

2nd Testimonial: Hi Nigel, It is 4 weeks now I am non-smoker and don’t even think about having one. I actually hate the smell of it. It is amazing!!! Thank you, Adriana Bormenizova

*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary. 


How your hypnosis to stop smoking session works:


  1. Call us to arrange your appointment time. 
  2. Come to the office where we will get a better understanding about your smoking habit. Enjoy a relaxing and uplifting treatment designed to help you stop smoking.



 Quit smoking with hypnosis and start living!


During your quit smoking hypnosis session, we will help you address all of the aspects involved in stopping smoking, and help you become a non-smoker.


  • Your unique relationship with smoking will be assessed. Then you will be guided through a pleasant hypnosis session to help you overcome any need you have for cigarettes.
  • Your hypnosis session will be tailored to help you combat any issues you may have had, on previous attempts to stop.
  • The investment for this session was €250 now just €150!




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