IBS Treatment Hypnosis

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatment for IBS.


*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary. 


Have you been suffering with symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, cramps or even a combination? People seeking treatment for IBS, whether it is diagnosed or not, all report a similar story, it erodes your quality of life! In the clinic we have seen many people who have sought answers from doctors, nutritionists, herbalists and a range of other specialists.

While some got some benefits from these treatments, others did not. That’s not to say that other treatments are not valid, in fact we advise you seek out medical advise to make sure there is nothing physically wrong, even try an allergy test before coming to see us. But if you have tried all the other approaches and found them ineffective, then maybe hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for IBS

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for IBS

While the natural thing for most people with a physical problem is to look for a physical answer to their problem, such as  medication, you may be someone who either doesn’t believe that is an answer to your problem, or has found it ineffective.

Ever found in times of stress or frustration your IBS symptoms got worse?

That’s no surprise to us at all. Most people who seek IBS treatment find that emotions play a big part in their symptoms.

The reason most people come to see us, is simply because they have seen everybody else! Some people come to us with such severe symptoms, that they are unable to function before the treatment. Others have mild discomfort, that is impacting on their quality of life. Either way, there is frustration or anxiety involved in their decision to seek treatment.

For some it’s the fear of an embarrassing accident and for some it’s frustration about not functioning normally. But either way, it adds to stress that may have already been there. Or even stress that has been building over time, and just slowly shown itself in a physical way.


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