Using Hypnosis to help Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks

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Previous clients who have used hypnosis for panic attacks (also known as anxiety attacks) know they are often very frightening, even incapacitating in some instances. The symptoms are extremely real, creating a myriad of uncomfortable, as well as frightening physical signs and symptoms. They have the ability to rapidly become a vicious cycle of fear. Because the mind and body respond to one another, this tends to make the anxiety attacks worse. When the mind feels anxious, your body will respond, whenever your body responds, the mind translates this as being a dangerous situation, and thus the mind amplify’s the feelings of anxiety.

An important part of conquering panic attacks is to be able to recognize the pattern and learn to change it. 

So Why Do Panic Attacks Occur?

Most anxiety attacks occur with a very defined structure or pattern, and they’re often associated with certain places or situations. For example, you may feel anxious much more in a crowded room, when meeting other people, when speaking in public, when driving on motorways, when alone, and so on. It’s different for each individual, however the common thread is that the anxiety attack starts and amplifies itself, again and again in a kind of an internal loop. Sometimes this can happen so rapidly that it can appear almost instant.


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An average anxiety attack starts by having a thought, or perhaps a memory, either of the previous attack, or even just imagining one which hasn’t happened yet. Your inner voice begins speaking in an negative and fearful way, then your body begins getting a few of the typical physical signs and symptoms. The procedure repeats itself, getting even worse every time, until a complete anxiety attack happens. It feels very real and very frightening.

Lots of people only experience a single anxiety attack, or have only panic attacks every every now and then, while some suffer with them frequently. No matter how frequently they occur, the memory of anxiety attacks can linger and remain quite strongly, creating a much greater feeling of dread and anxiety. Quite simply, you begin to fret and feel afraid about getting another anxiety attack, which triggers another attack. Oftentimes you will possibly not even recall the original cause of the anxiety or stress. The most typical causes, however, are emotional distress, contact with a harmful situation, poor diet, and physical or emotional stress.

What’s the definition of Panic Attacks And Do You Know The Signs and symptoms?

A Panic Attack is identified when an individual has frequent or severe anxiety attacks that induce extreme physical responses, when not in any real physical danger. Typical signs and symptoms of panic attacks include:



Difficulty breathing

Chest tightness or discomfort

Heart palpitations

Hot flushes


Weakness or fatigue

Vivid, frightening ideas

Fainting or blackout

It’s not unusual for somebody to feel they’re going into cardiac arrest, when first going through a panic attack. For this reason, it’s very important to visit your physician immediately to check for actual heart disease, or perhaps an underlying medical cause. Provided no medical conditions are apparant, then panic attacks is generally the diagnosis, making hypnosis an excellent choice to consider.

Just How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnotherapy is used to assist with panic attacks by engaging your subconscious mind, which is where the feelings of fear are coming from. Hypnosis is used to identify and alter fearful behavior patterns and give instructions to your subconscious mind to remove the fear. Your hypnotist will show you how to change the reality of your current experience, by finding the way your mind structures its patterns of thought during a panic attack. Hypnosis works by helping to re-educate the very part of the mind that is generating the feelings of fear.

Whether you’ve just had the first anxiety attack or you’ve been coping with panic attacks for several years, we can help you overcome this frequently debilitating problem.


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