Do you weight yourself every day hoping to lose weight ?

Do you weight yourself every day hoping to lose weight ?

Have you found yourself standing on the scales day after day or perhaps several times a day hoping the scales reads a different number? Many people who want to lose weight have fallen into this trap. However if you ask a slim person when was the last time they weighted themselves they most likely wouldn’t be able to tell you!

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This is because for the most part naturally slim people live a lifestyle that is supportive to maintaining long term weight loss. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part people who are naturally thin tend to weight themselves very little. In fact, the more overweight a person is, the more likely they are to weight themselves often, to see if they have lost any weight.

The problem with this is that by weighting yourself often you are reinforcing in your mind the weight you are ass being the norm. And what we do often is what we come to accept as being ‘the way things are’. And once things become ‘the way things are’ they are very difficult to change.

A much more balanced approach to measuring your weight loss is to weight yourself only every second week or even every month, that way what you witness is a reduction in weight every time you weight yourself. This is a much more beneficial message to send to your subconscious mind! That every time you weight yourself the number reads less than before. This way even if the number was only one or two pounds less than the previous weighting you are still making progress. It is good to remember that any progress, even slow progress in the right direction, is better than no progress at all!

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