Can allergies be emotionally based?

Can allergies be emotionally based?

Have you ever wondered how a person can develop an allergy like hay fever all of a sudden, when beforehand they had no problems of this kind? In this article I aim to explain how, at least some of these allergies are created, and how we can undo them.

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Before I begin to explain some things, you need to know that what I am about to share with you is not theory, but has been proven by many hypnotherapists (and other types of therapists) time and time again in the real world.  So if what I am saying flies in the face of what you have previously been taught, perhaps through the medical profession, I do apologize. I also believe that if you suffer from an allergy or reaction of some sort, then you owe it to yourself to explore different avenues in order to find a solution. Again this is not fiction, this is fact, at least in some cases.

Let’s start by explaining a little of how the mind works. As you may already know, we have two parts of the mind, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is the part we use to learn new things, analyse information and make logical decisions. The subconscious mind is the automatic part of the mind, basically it looks after everything else. If you were to imagine an iceberg, the conscious mind would be represented by the tip of the iceberg poking out of the water, the subconscious would be represented by the huge mass of ice underneath the water. It is the subconscious mind that ultimately holds the vast majority of our brainpower and our functioning. We are designed like this simply because it is the most efficient way of operating. We consciously learn new skills, beliefs or ways of operating and once they are learned, the subconscious mind takes over the role of carrying them out. All pretty straightforward so far I think!

Here’s where it might get more interesting. The subconscious mind stores into memory the things we have consciously learned, but it also forms beliefs about things without us consciously learning or analysing them. Let me give you an example of how this can work. A male (we’ll call him John) goes out for a graduation night with his girlfriend of the last 6 months whom he is totally in love with, and thinks is going to spend the rest of his life with. They end up having an argument where she tells him it is over, she wants to be with someone else and that after the graduation party, he was never to contact her again. All this happens before dinner. So John goes to sit down for dinner and there is seafood on the menu, which he never eats, but is convinced to try by another dinner guest. As he starts to eat the sea food, he thinks about what’s happening with his girlfriend and his stomach feels sick. All of a sudden he feels really sick, in fact he gets a reaction to the seafood. It turns out he is allergic to sea food.

So what just happened? Well, a couple of things actually. One of the things that the subconscious mind is very good at, is making associations. It’s especially good at associating and connecting feelings with other things. Sport can make some people feel good, whereas other people don’t like it, they just associate different feelings with it. Another thing the subconscious does is protects us from danger, physical or emotional. Now when John began to eat the seafood and started thinking about his girlfriend troubles, his subconscious mind associated the negative emotions with the seafood he was eating, and began treating the seafood as a poisonous substance. Now from this point forward John’s body will react to seafood as if it is a dangerous substance, and will reject it. Really what the subconscious is trying to do is protect John from similar emotional pain which it associates with sea food. So there is a type of childlike logic to how this works. Be aware that if someone asked John does he know how his seafood allergy started, he wouldn’t be able to equate his girlfriend troubles to the seafood. In fact he would find it quite hard to link the two.

So how is this information useful to me and my allergy? Well, what many hypnotherapists and EFT practitioners have found is that by releasing the emotion from the event of events that caused the reaction in the first place, the physical symptoms disappear also. Once the emotion has been cleared the subconscious has no reason to protect you from the substance and therefore doesn’t produce the allergic reaction. Many apparently physical conditions have been cleared in this way. Asthma,  hay fever, allergic reactions, headaches and a host of other conditions. I’m not saying that every allergy is caused this way, I haven’t got any way of proving that. But, I do know of people specialising in the field, that believe that all allergies can be helped this way. I personally would need a lot more proof before I would make a bold statement like that.

So take from this what you will. If you have an allergy or reaction to something and you want to try a different approach to help it, then let me know. In a different post I talked about how problems can be solutions, in John’s case the problem was the negative emotion, the solution was to reject sea food. Any time the subconscious protected John from seafood by giving him that reaction, it considered it as a success!

Often times the conscious mind does not pick up on the associations that the subconscious mind makes, because it operates with a different type of logic. That is why the reasons for some problems can seem so hard if not impossible to find consciously, if you don’t understand the way the subconscious mind works.

So hopefully that has left you with some food for thought (not seafood).

Until next time, take care.

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