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*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary.


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The Dublin Hypnosis Center is run by Nigel Brennan. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, member of the N.G.H., creator of an incredibly powerful rapid approach to therapy and a seasoned hypnotist. Well known within hypnotherapy circles for his innovative and rapid change work. His passion and belief in the Clinical Hypnosis methods he uses and trains to his colleagues, are pioneering a new effectiveness in Dublin Hypnosis.


Nigel Brennan Dublin Hypnosis CenterApart from studying and developing Hypnosis, Nigel has studied many different types of therapies, so his knowledge base in change-work is quite impressive. He does, however, primarily use Hypnosis techniques because of the rapid and verifiable results he gets.


Nigel is very much known as ‘the go to guy’ for addictions (like smoking, sugar, alcohol and cannabis) fears, phobias and panic attacks. He aims to help people in the shortest amount of time possible.


After helping thousands of clients with various issues and mentored many hypnotists along the way, he knows exactly who he can help and focuses on those issues exclusively.




Nigel works closely with other health professionals such as other hypnotists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists and other forms of therapy.


At the Dublin Hypnosis Centre you will be treated with respect, in comfortable surroundings by professionals.


Call: 01 2542642 or 086 3776034 to arrange an appointment in the Dublin Hypnosis Center. Appointments are held every second Saturday morning in Santry.


* Media: For an fascinating radio or television guest contact the Dublin Hypnosis Center Nigel Brennan at 086 3776034


Or visit the ‘contact us’ page to send a message.




*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and individual results may vary.


I came into see you about a month ago for a fear of flying and I’m just letting you know it worked a charm. I have flown several times since and I’ve had no problems at all, it’s really made a difference to my quality of life………………….

Micheal O.

“Hi Nigel,
After 10 years my panic attacks are gone. As you know I have tried a lot of different things in the past, but finally I have got back to where I was. Lifts are fine, buses are fine, crowds are fine……………
Louise M.

“Hi Nigel,

In over 2 months I haven’t eaten a single piece of chocolate!!!!! I don’t know if you realise what a major achievement that is for me! I just don’t need it……………………
Jonna B.

“Hi Nigel,
Just getting in touch to thank you for your help. I am now down 2 stone and I feel amazing, I been recommending you to my friends and I know some of them who went to you are happy as well………………
Mary H.

” Thank you,
I feel good again! As you know the past year was tough for me, but I now feel like I am getting back on track. I’m exercising again and eating healthy, but most of all I feel like a good person again………………..
Sarah D.

“Hi Nigel,
I’m just sending this text to thank you for our session last week, it made a lot of sense and I’m feeling great since then. That heavy feeling is gone and I’m really looking forward to our next session………….
D O’B.

“Hi Nigel,
Our session last Thursday really struck home, I haven’t had a drink since and I don’t want one. I’m feeling really confident and I don’t feel I need any more sessions, I just want to………………….
Mark R.

“Hello Nigel,
As promised I’m getting back to you to let know how I’m done. Great! It’s been such a long while I’m feeling as I don’t need to have that drink any more. Thank you for your help and if I…………………….
Dimitry Z.

I played a competition last week and the yips are gone! I can’t believe the improvement in such a short amount of time. My confidence is much higher and I’m just enjoying……………….
Mark F.